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Taxi tours europe

Andreas speaks German and English.

"I can take you from Munich to all your favorite places in Europe."

For example:

Gauting/Munich - Paris
one way: 1090,00 Euro

Gauting/Munich - Rom
one way: 1196,00 Euro

Gauting/Munich - Florenz
one way: 838,00 Euro

Gauting/Munich - Berlin
one way: 760,00 Euro

Gauting/Munich - Heidelberg
one way: 449,00 Euro

Gauting/Munich - Rothenburg ob der Tauber
one way: 332,00 Euro

Gauting/Munich - Füssen (Schloß Neuschwanstein)
one way: 150,00 Euro

Gauting/Munich - Marktl am Inn (Home of the Pope)
one way: 163,00 Euro

Gauting/Munich - Venedig
one way: 680,00 Euro

Gauting/Munich - Verona
one way: 533,00 Euro

Gauting/Munich - Innsbruck
one way: 220,00 Euro

Gauting/Munich - Kufstein
one way: 120,00 Euro

Gauting/Munich - Kitzbühl
one way: 163,00 Euro

Gauting/Munich - Vienna
one way: 583,00 Euro

Gauting/Munich - Salzburg
one way: 210,00 Euro

Gauting/Munich - Bozen
one way: 338,00 Euro

Gauting/Munich - Kalterer See
one way: 385,00 Euro

Gauting/Munich - Riva (Lago di Garda)
one way: 460,00 Euro

Gauting/Munich - Cannero Riviera (Lago Maggiore)
one way: 550,00 Euro

Gauting/Munich - Zürich
one way: 410,00 Euro

Gauting/Munich - Genf
one way: 765,00 Euro

"If we were to start from Munich Airport the same prices would apply, with an extra 70,00 Euro."


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